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AADSAS Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for the 2008 AADSAS Application Cycle

My Dental Application Content Outline

AADSAS Dental Application

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The complete mock-up of the 2006-07 AADSAS Online Dental Application, previously available to aid your preparation, has been removed in an effort to remain sensitive to ADEA and AADSAS copyrights. Although the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) appreciates the steps that this site has taken to educate potential applicants, it has courteously requested for the application screenshots to be removed to ensure that potential applicants are not viewing outdated versions of the application. Here you fill find an outline of the salient information that the online AADSAS application asks aspiring dental students. It is recommended that you go through each section individually and prepare a draft of your responses so that when the application is made available by AADSAS, you will be able to submit your information with an early priority enrollment date.

Application Information Checklist

Biographic Information
Parent and Family Information
Secondary (High) School Information
Colleges Attended (Transcript Matching Form)
DAT Scores
Dentistry Experience
Evaluators (LOR Matching Form)
Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service
Work Experience
Research Experience
Background Information
Personal Statement (Essay)
Release Statements
Awards, Honors, Scholarships
Dental School DesignationsOnline_Dental_Application_Information.html
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